ABA Curriculum

TCS recommends all practitioners obtain substantial training to shape their skills in recommending programming from an anti-oppression lens. TCS also recognizes that due to systemic oppression and racism, clients who hold multiple marginalized identities are most at risk, and their programming needs should be tailored with this reality in mind.

TCS institutes a trigger warning for some of the program titles and descriptions. Ableist content might be difficult for Autistic persons to view.

Many of the programs listed available for purchase are defined as ableist when viewing the skill through certain lived experiences.TSC also ascertains they are necessary survival skills for BIPOC clients. TCS recommends practitioners exercise extreme caution and cultural humility when choosing programming. Practitioners should consider the need for a client from a low SES family, culture, race, religion. Gabrielle Barrientos (BCBA/TCS co-owner), curriculum creator works with practitioners from all over the globe who present with multiple intersecting identities to inform content development. TSC is available via the “contact us” feature on our website to discuss obtaining this training and to obtain mentorship regarding appropriate application of the curricula. It is important to view this library from outside a privileged western lens.

Practitioners should ensure proper assent and consent training before utilizing any ABA program.

Download and individualize over 60 ABA programs from the personal library of Gabrielle Barrientos MAE BCBA LBA IBA . Bulk Pricing available for full library download, individual pricing based on complexity of the program.

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Statement on ABA
Twice Affirming Behavioral Services acknowledges the historic and current harm of Applied Behavior Analysis. TABS and it’s founders, recognize the traditional prescription of practices through a racist, binary, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist lens. TABS continues to shape their practices by listening to, and learning from, the lived experiences of Autistic Self-Advocates. Futhermore, TABS recognizes the harm Applied Behavior Analysis played in the original creation of conversion therapy. Twice Affirming Behavioral Services stands with the LGBTQAI+ community and believes in order to work as agents of change, our roles are best served from within the field than outside of it. We are committed to providing an affirming environment for all.