White Feminism, TERF, & Misogynoir: Hard Topics in Supervision

White Feminism, TERF, & Misogynoir: Hard Topics in Supervision

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1.5 Supervision CEUs

Event cost: $20.00USD

Abstract: As behavior analysts engage the responsibility of shaping future practitioners to gain competency in the field of behavior analysis, the continued need to create practitioners who are familiar with working within a culturally humble and anti-oppressive framework remains a supervisory goal. This event provides a learning opportunity to help supervisees understand and explore privilege and how to engage behaviors which create equity. Participants will examine how white feminism impacts behaviors
and disproportionately harms historically marginalized identities as well as learn how to help their supervisee’s tact TERF (trans-exculsuionary radical feminist) narriatives and it’s harmful impact. Content also conceptualizes the intersecting nuance of the misogyny, racism, and transphobia as well as differential impacts on intersecting historically marginalized identities. Participants will be given access to several take home, replicable, assignments and interactive activities to aid in supervising the aforementioned learning outcomes. Eligible participants will obtain 1.5 Supervision BCBA CEUs.

Suggested prerequisites for the CE: Those attending this course should have previous experience of identifying and unpacking their own implicit bias, and familiarity with the knowledge that systematic oppression impacts those with historically marginalized identities. Participants should be familiar with, and work to mitigate a learning history of harmful behaviors including tone policing and racial gaslighting.

ACE Provider and BCBA:

Gabrielle Barrientos MAE, BCBA, LBA, ICA (she/her)

Certified Diversity Executive and Panelist:

Gemma Skuraton DrPH, MPH, CHES, CDE, LAT, ATC, USAW, CPT, FMS, RYT-200 (she/her