Company-wide climate assessments and action plans which address Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion practices via a grassroots and systems-level approach.

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ABA companies commonly utilize in-house approaches for Justice, Equity, and Inclusion eorts. Inclusive Excellence, Human Resources and Public Health best practice recommend climate/needs assessments be conducted by third party consultants. Climate assessments will outline JEDI Actions Plans which include manageable steps towards implementing DEI eorts across the organization. Properly implemented climate surveys occur every 2-3 years and demonstrate a strong “business case” for JEDI practices within corporations. Implementation of a climate survey illustrates cost-benefit analysis for DEI investment. Data outcomes can be used to track employee productivity/company success, fiscal responsibility, and quality services.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn the dierence between climate surveys, action plans, and third party consultation vs in house assessment and training.

Participants will be introduced to a “business case” justification in creating a culturally inclusive work environment which is essential in articulating the need for company investment.

Participants will learn the basic components of a JEDI action plan designed to align cultural values with measurable outcomes as recommended by third party consultants.

ACE Provider and BCBA:

Gabrielle Barrientos MAE, BCBA, LBA, ICA (she/her)

Certified Diversity Executive and Panelist:

Gemma Skuraton  DrPH, MPH, CHES, CDE, LAT, ATC, USAW, CPT, FMS, RYT-200 (she/her)