Gabrielle Barrientos MAE, BCBA, LBA
ACE Provider

Gabrielle Barrientos (pronouns: she/her) is a licensed and board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA). In the past 15 years she has worked in early intervention, intensive behavior intervention, adaptive skills training, school aged services, adult group home intervention, vocational skills training, as well as parent and family training. Gabrielle’s passions manifest within 3 major areas of behavior analysis.

International Dissemination:

Gabrielle lived for almost 2 years in West Africa, Conakry Guinea. Where she was the only BCBA in the country. Through pro-bono work, she organized sustainable intervention for a local special needs school and local orphanage. She trained and developed intervention models for a third world location and utilized networking resources to ensure quality of life improvements for socially significant deficits. Prior to her posting in Conakry, she lived for 20 months in Malta, a small Island off the coast of Sicily. Before her arrival, there were no structured, evidenced based interventions, for children with developmental disabilities. Serving as the only BCBA on the island of Malta, she implemented a three-part plan to ensure evidenced based intervention and treatment for children with developmental disabilities.

Telehealth Delivery Model:

The structured plan for international intervention encompassed a Telehealth model to ensured continued growth after her departure and eventually secured governmental funding for ABA intervention and the continued growth of the service. Prior to her time overseas, she worked as a Clinical Director for a leading ABA company in California. Gabrielle has provided distance BCBA Supervision for candidates across the globe. She continues to support in the development of Telehealth intervention models in order to further disseminate ABA services in remote locations.

Social Justice:

Currently Gabrielle is working as a Senior Telehealth Consultant with a caseload of clients, several of them identifying with the LGBTQAI+ community. Her work extends into dismantling systematic racism, actively practicing and self-evaluating anti-racist behavior, and engaging cultural humility. Gabrielle continues to advocate for equity and her personal values include creating an affirming environment for those with marginalized identities. She is the co-creator of BAMF, Behavior Analysis in Military Families, where a social justice framework is used to address issues of social significance and improve cultural competence within practice for ABA’s practitioners who are impacted by military life.