Twice Affirming Behavioral Health

About TABS

Twice Affirming Behavioral Services provides affirming behavior-analytic treatment for clients and families with a licensed and board-certified behavior analyst through applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is an evidence-based intervention for individuals where the science of human behavior is used to affect socially significant change. ABA is covered by many insurance agencies as part of comprehensive autism support services. ABA uses principles from learning theory to optimize an individual’s growth. Contact us now for your first step towards creating an individualized program!

Autism & LGBTQAI+ Affirming Services

Gabrielle Barrientos MAE, BCBA, LBA, ICA has specific scope working within the intersectionality of LGBTQAI+ and Autism identities. Individualized affirming behavioral treatment plans are recommended to provide person centered outcomes.

LGBTQAI+ Caregiver and Family Training

TABS provides individual family and caregiver training to support families as they guide their children and teens through their journey. TABS fully supports the LGBTQAI+ community and understands that affirmation of one’s identity is life saving. TABS offers resources, supports and training to help caregivers and families reach acceptance and affirmation of their child’s identity. TABS offers different consultation packages to support parents through their child’s gender exploration and journey. Contact us to hear more about these supports.

Professional Consultation, Mentorship, & Supervision

Gabrielle Barrientos MAE, BCBA, LBA, ICA is available to provide professional consultation, mentorship, and supervision in the areas of autism, LGBTQAI+, early intervention, vocational skills training, adaptive skills training, school aged services, adult group home intervention, intensive behavior intervention, and international dissemination. All supports are offered through an intersectional framework where recommendations are made with marginalized identities centered. Trainings follow an assent and withdrawal framework to prevent client abuse.

Statement on ABA

TCS/TABS  acknowledges the historic and current harm of Applied Behavior Analysis. TABS and it’s founders, recognize the traditional prescription of practices through a racist, binary, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist lens. TABS continues to shape their practices by listening to, and learning from, the lived experiences of Autistic Self-Advocates. Futhermore, TABS recognizes the harm Applied Behavior Analysis played in the original creation of conversion therapy. Twice Affirming Behavioral Services stands with the LGBTQAI+ community and believes in order to work as agents of change, our roles are best served from within the field than outside of it. We are committed to providing an affirming environment for all.